Monday, May 19, 2008

And the Oscar goes to. . .

My seven year old, Makiah!! That girl is so much drama. I love her dearly, but if she is this emotional now, what is she going to be like in seven more years!! Ack, it's to scary to think about. Yes, I clearly realize that she got this dramatic side from me but still, I may loose my mind before she makes teenhood. I love my mother more everyday, knowing that this is what she had to deal with. I think I'll nominate her for sainthood.

The potty chronicles continue. . . he is getting a little better. Has he actually gone in the potty, no, but he is at least he is more conscience of what is happening and when. Today he actually told me he had to go potty. We ran in the bathroom, and proceeded to wait. . . . and wait. . . . and wait. We sang, counted, talked about colors and shapes and he still hadn't gone. So thinking that I was going to spend all day sitting the side of the bath tub we stood up and about 2 minutes later, he peed in the rubber pants and Mickey underoo's. Now you know that if I had waited five more minutes he still wouldn't have went in the potty, but because we stood up, he went. I am now wondering if he is afraid to actually pee in the potty and that's why he waited. I don't know, I am just wading through potty training with him. Hopefully we will get it figured out soon.

As for me, I am a tired mama tonight. All the sweetie's are sleeping, so I think I'll take this opportunity to sleep too.

yawn. . . . . zzzzzzzz :O

Good night.

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