Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes

It's no wonder why I spent and still do spend most of my time doing laundry. I have been doing some "it's time to through it out" spring cleaning. I cannot believe that four people (Daniel hasn't been here long enough to contribute) have that many clothes. I realize that a lot of them were mine, and most of that was "clothes I will someday wear" clothes, but still. When we moved from St. Louis, I took 26 30 gallon garbage bags of clothes (contributed by the four of us, not just me) to the clothing drop box, and I am still getting rid of clothes. I will be so glad when this very large task is complete.

Well, I am not too interesting right now, but I will be posting more from the Adventures in Potty Training later. Right now, I have to go find my two year old who is being way too quiet to be doing anything good. . . .

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