Monday, May 12, 2008

Is there an end to this list

Have you ever looked around and thought this can't get much worse, well that is how I feel today.  I have such a looonnnggg list of things to do, that I decided to. . . . sit right down and think about all of them.  I have been kind of taking it easy (as easy as a mom can) since having a c-section, but now I just have to do something.  Of course there is the laundry, which, is never done.  I have grown to accept that fact and just keep washing, drying, folding, putting-away, washing, drying--you get the idea.  The dishes, they seem to multiply in the sink when I am not looking.  We have a dishwasher, but I know I just did a load and yet the sink is full again. The kids room, well currently it's clean, because they are playing in the living room with all of my couch cushions; but I can say that room is clean.  Our room has become the "pile it, put it room" until I can finish going through all the clothes for the Goodwill.  Because we just moved to this apartment and then had an emergency c-section, everything feels chaotic.  I am slowly (real slowly, because I'm on the computer) moving through the house and trying to put it in order, like before the fire (in the old apartment).  The office/school room needs straightening, but nothing too bad.  And of course there are still things in the other apartment that need carried over here, more stuff to add to the chaos.  The list goes on and on.  I won't even mention anymore, my head is starting to hurt.  

Daniel had his hearing test today and it's perfect!!  Thank you Jesus for no hearing loss at all!!  I am so thankful!!

So nothing to exciting going on around here today, just cleaning and being Mommy.   Back to the grind, but it's a grind I love.

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