Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please Keep All Body Fluids to thyself, PLEASE!

Disclaimer: Don't read immediately upon finishing breakfast. Discusses bodily functions and fluid as only a mommy can.

Okay, so we go to church last night and I was ready to leave in the first 30 minutes. Daniel was screaming when we got there, so I pulled out a bottle and fed him and of course he ate like he hadn't been fed in 4 days. While he was eating Samuel pooped in his diaper, so the Superdaddy brought him to me and said he'd switch with me (of course he would). So I take Sam and we go to put on another pull-up. In the process of changing him he wiggled so much that he got poop on his shorts and shirt, I have a very talented son. So I rinsed out that little section on the waistband of his shorts and the spot on his shirt so that I wouldn't have to go all the way home. Note to self: resume carrying an extra outfit for Sam. I return to the sanctuary and retrieve my infant and finish the feeding. Upon completion of food Daniel promptly filled his pants too (it was a very poopy evening). So I quickly grabbed the diaper bag and headed downstairs to the changing table. As I am changing him he begins to grunt and I knew he was going to go again, so I grabbed the clean diaper and stuck it under him and promptly pooped on my hand and got a spot on his pj's. ~Sigh~ I wiped my hand and finished the change of diaper and now clothes too. During this process Daniel spit up and I didn't realize how much until I got upstairs and his hair was stuck to his head on on side. ~Another sigh~ I cleaned his hair with a wipe and while I was cleaning hair he spit up all down the front of my off white shirt, making it look like I had spit up on myself. We had only been there a half hour and I was ready to go.

Just had to share. Sorry if it was TMI!!


Liz said...

Got to love those days :)

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Today I am laughing, but then I felt like crying. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...! I am very impress with your blog, I mean the layout design, the content and the humor. It kinda give your reader an insight into the life of a mother of 4 Sam, Makiah, Daniel, and Linton. Opps! did i say that.. lol but seriously i wish you the best of grace (because i hate to use the word luck, because it not biblical) as u continue your journey raising those four children esp. Linton. COL "Chuckle out Loud".

Be Bless.