Monday, June 30, 2008


We are moved in!! Thank goodness, now let the work continue. We have so much unpacking to do, but that's okay the hard part is over. The beds are set up and we are getting ready to hop into bed. We actually finished quite a while ago, but I am just now settling in. The kids are sleeping and I am going to do the same. Hopefully Daniel will want to sleep awhile. I was hoping he would wake up before I go to sleep so that I can nurse him and then we can both sleep the rest of the night.

Tomorrow I will be running in the morning and then home to turn this town house into a home. I already like it here, I wasn't sure I would, but now I am thinking it will be okay. I am hoping to post pics of my journey, but it might be too much to ask for to know where the camera and cord is actually located, but I will try.

Sweet dreams, more posting when the sun is shining and my eyes aren't blurring from pure exhaustion.

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