Thursday, August 14, 2008

Someone Help Me, I Think I'm Obsessed

I have become obsessed with cloth diapers!! I will be one of those people who buy way more than they need because I think I "just have to have that"! I don't have too many yet, but I can see myself heading there. I need someone to hold me accountable.

That or take away my debiting privileges!

I bought two bumWear online last week and when I put them on Daniel he looked bottom heavy to the max. He looked like a cute little pear and I didn't like their fit so I decided last night that I would put them on Diaperswappers and see if I could sell or trade them. I posted them and then I went browsing around.

I got a reply back in less than ten minutes telling me she wanted them. I said yes and the transaction was complete.

Oh, I have discovered the joy of paypal. Where have I been for, oh, the last five years?!?!?

I then decided I couldn't just let that money sit there, so I went shopping. I got two Blueberry's for less than the price of one! Oh the joy!! Oh the excitement!!

The search continues for more Happy Heiny's, Daniel and I really like those.

I haven't received the Fuzzi Bunz I ordered yet, but I can't wait to try those. The Thirsties AIO's mediums are a little big for him, so I think I'll wait on those.

Hubs thinks I have completely lost it, but he indulges me. What a man!!

My most recent idea is to string a clothesline across the privacy fence "walls" at the sides of our patio, so that I can line dry the cloth diapers. The complex is having a complex over this idea, but I think I'm going to anyway. If it will save a little on our energy bill, it's worth it. It will be warm for a couple more months at least.

I am also on a quest to find a way to make Apple Butter like my great-grandma Dorothy used to. It was so yummy, but she cooked it outside. What do you think the complex would think about that?? She also made the best Apricot Angelfood Cake with Apricot icing. I need to learn that too.

Also thinking of making my own baby food. I used to make some foods for my daughter when she was a baby and I am thinking of doing it again. It was a great way to save $$$, especially once she was eating meat, I would just food process whatever we were eating until is was mush and she loved it! It also helped her to like what we were eating so there was no problem in transitioning to table food.

Next I'll want to churn my own butter!! Just kidding.

Well, now that I have rambled all way from cloth diapers to cake, apple butter to baby food, I think I'll call an end to this. I have a feeling I could just keep on ramblin'.

I promise the next post will be more blog worthy, well at least more interesting than my rambling thoughts!! Maybe I'll tell you about that pirate ship Hubs is building, complete with pics!!


foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Cloth diapers have the cutest names. How can you resist something called Happy Heiny's? =)

Love your blog!

Mrs Lemon said...

Definitely addictive. I am restraining myself from ordering anymore cloth diapers for myself for awhile. I love my AIOs so much that I make sure and keep them clean so I don't have to use the kissaluvs. If I go another month without using them, I may resell them and buy more AIOs. :)