Monday, October 6, 2008

Boy Meets Chicken

So we went to visit family over the weekend, and during that trip we stopped in one little town where my Dad's sister and her husband live. My uncle is currently raising designer chickens. So he asked me if the kids and I wanted to go see the chickens. So we jumped on the cub cadet and headed up to where the chickens are housed.

When we reached the coop, Uncle Bear and Samuel go in and begin feeding the chickens. Sam just walks right in, like he's lived around chickens his whole life. Sam loves animals and apparently chickens are no exception.

Makiah and I stayed outside of the coop. Makiah likes animals from a far and I only like animals in pictures.

So Uncle Bear and Sam begin throwing bread out for the chickens. Uncle Bear said "woo" one time as he threw a piece of bread and every time thereafter Samuel loudly and in a sing-songy voice said "woooo" as he threw the bread out.

Then he chased the chickens around the coop.

Uncle Bear also has ducks in there, so Samuel went very close to the ducks. Then he caught a mama duck and Samuel held it for about three or four minutes before she found her wings free to escape.

Samuel asked me if he could "pwease have a chicken and a duckie to take home wif me?"

A strong and I-don't-think-so no was given and Samuel was sad for about two and a half seconds. He couldn't be sad any longer than that because he was too busy chasing chickens.

Only problem with this BIG chicken adventure--I don't have any pictures of it. I had left the camera in the car.

I guess we'll have to visit again so I can get some pictures. I don't think Sam will have a problem with visiting again.


foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Aw, c'mon mom, no chicken and duckie?? Gosh, you're so unreasonable! ;)

Sounds like they had a ball!

Cara said...

Just so you know I take full credit for his love of animals LOL :)

First no puppy and now no chicken poor kid