Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Face Smearin' Good

A couple of weeks ago I made a wonderful dinner that included corn on the cob.

Samuel was very interested in the fact that the corn was not just laying on his plate to be eaten with his trusty spoon. I guess I didn't realize that Samuel had never had corn on the cob. Makiah loves it and so I thought for some change we'd have fresh corn.

At first Samuel wasn't sure what to do with the the corn, but once I showed him what to do, he gave it a whirl.

And he. loved. it.

Between every bite he told me how "wonnerful" (Sam speak) this "funny corn" is. He liked it so much that he not only ate one he ate another whole ear. It was so funny.

Oh to find joy in simple things.

I ran and grabbed the camera, for I wouldn't want all of you internets to miss this corn munchin', sloppy eatin' mess.

He was in the middle of very seriously explaining how good the corn is. Notice that its good enough to earn a spot on his cheek and nose. Now that's good people.

In case you all forgot what it looks like, Samuel is showing off this new found wonnerful food.

Here are the two corn on the cob munchers. Between the two of them they ate more than Hubs and I.

Now every time I am cooking, not just dinner, Samuel asks if we can "pwease have some funny corn?"

I hate to disappoint him, but we are not having corn on the cob with our waffles.


foreverfoldinglaundry said...

VERY cute! I love how he says "pwease". =)

Mrs Lemon said...

we had funny corn last night too, it was good :)

Passionate Purposeful Parenting said...

What a great story and what adorable children you have! :)