Thursday, October 2, 2008

Topsy, Turvy, Curvy and Bumpy

No, that is not a description of myself, but would probably do as one.

That is a description of my week. It has been INSANE around here. I think at some point I asked the good Lord to go ahead and rapture us outta here.

So I guess I'll just re-cap it for you, because there is no creativity living here today.

Makiah--She is actually doing fine. Her hernia has healed up beautifully and she's not taking it easy because "mama, it's okay really, I'll push on it and show you that it doesn't hurt anymore." School has been rather interesting this week because of other situations, but she has pushed on and she is almost done with her first quarter work--three weeks early!!

Samuel--He is still Samuel. Busy, busy, busy--he leads a very busy lifestyle. He has been climbing, having battles (he is BibleMan you know) and driving his sister to the brink of her dramaness! His eczema is out of control and he is really suffering with it. Mama doused him in olive oil this morning and while rubbing mama sent up some serious prayers. His allergies are bothering him today and he just came and told me "mama, I have trouble, me not feel very good." I am seeing some serious snuggle time with him when this post is finished. He will also be getting a hair cut in the next couple of days because if not we're going to have to buy him some platform shoes, a white suit and teach him to disco--he is currently sporting an afro. He's cute, but it's too long!!

Daniel--We had his planning session for physical therapy this week, were we set his goals and pick out his therapist. Being the mama I am I have been doing some research on some of the issues he has been having and unfortunately came up with some things that have shaken us a little. Daniel is being referred to a developmental pediatrician, I'll write another post just about this. Suffice it today to say that it has been an emotional week. Daniel is happy, smiley and all around a ball of cuteness that now weighs seventeen pounds and loves squash!! We bought him a Bumbo to sit in (at the therapist suggestion) and he loves it!! I'll post pics of it with the next post.

As for Hubs and I, we have been doing lots of praying, which is never a bad thing. We had a church issue to deal with and then the stuff with Daniel. Hubs is fine, mama on the other hand was riding an emotional roller coaster. Don't worry, Hubs got me off the coaster and I am much better today. I've not been a basket case or anything just emotional--mama's are like that sometimes. Can I get an amen??

So, if you are prone to prayer, send up some for the Lovelock Family, please.

Even though I most likely have a few more gray hairs we are doing okay.

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foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Sorry to hear it's been a crazy week. I'll be praying for all of you. Don't worry about gray hairs - you can always cover them up! =)