Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who Wrote That Book?

As part of Makiah's school work this year, I have decided to have her learn about different authors. We are compiling Makiah's Big Book of Authors. Using one of the binders I purchased during the school supply sale rush, we will decorate the front and we'll start filling it up with the info on a different author every few weeks. I think learning about the authors will help fuel a love for reading and an appreciation for the work that goes into a book.

My kids really love Dr. Seuss and I decided we would start with him. I went online and printed out his picture and some information about his life and books.

While looking for information on Dr. Seuss I ran across this website: Seussville. Its a great site for kids to go to and play some games, take a look at books, make your own stories and quotes. There are also several printables for activities. So I printed a couple of things to go in the Big Book of Authors and Makiah is lovin' it.

I am always on the look out for new and fun things to learn, do, color, play, etc.

Do you all have any favorite sites or projects for your kids?

Homeschoolers, what extras, as I like to call them, are you putting into your daily work?

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Boy Mom said...

What a great idea! Your children are soooo darling. The baby's smile...precious.