Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow It's Almost Here

Every week Heart of the Matter has a meme. I haven't done it in a few weeks, but I really wanted to do this one, so here we go. Goals for 2009 is this weeks meme and I just can't believe it's that time again. You know the time where we sit down and decide all the things we want to do in the coming year. I quit calling them resolutions several years ago and went to calling them goals. I wonder if one goal could be to complete the goals?? I have so many this year, but I won't bore you with all of them.

~~To have the mind of Christ everyday, all day.
~~To read the Bible all the way through.
~~To lose weight--and no I won't say how much. :)
~~To exercise daily (different muscle groups)
~~To teach my children the joy of helping others in the community.
~~Including Makiah our community work.
~~To be more organized in every area (house, homeschooling, church duties)
~~To cook healthier, from scratch meals
~~Eat the majority of our meals at home (we eat out too much)
~~To end the year with money in savings (novel concept huh?)
~~Peace and Patience are to be my words of the year!
~~To have Samuel completely potty trained!!!
~~To read a one book a month for my personal enjoyment
~~To make gifts and goodies for people throughout the year (birthday's, anniversaries, Christmas and for no reason at all)
~~To try at least one new recipe a week the whole year.
~~To crochet a little everyday (Mental health time) :)
~~To blog something everyday, even if it's just a picture.

~~Become more focused and have a better daily schedule
~~Research and possibly change curriculum
~~Add more art, music and physical exercise into our days (like they don't run and jump enough)
~~Start Makiah on piano lessons
~~Complete letter and number recognition with Samuel, maybe begin early reading skills
~~Read more to my kids (we already read a lot, but I want to do more)

I have a lot of things I want to see accomplished in my life and home in 2009. I am looking forward to the challenges, joys, and fresh starts of the new year. One goal was to read one book a month for my enjoyment, I'd rather it was one a week, but my long list of things I want to accomplish probably wouldn't allow for that.

I'll be blogging about my progress. Nothing like being accountable to the internet and the four people who read my blog.

What things do you want to accomplish in the coming year?


Fiona said...

So, am I included in the four people who read your blog???? :-) If not, I guess I would make five. :-)

Boy Mom said...

Wow! you go girl! I need to sit down with my heart and mind still and set a few goals.

My Shopvac is so nice. I would love to come on over and let you try it out. Maybe I'll add a road trip to my goals.

Happy New Years!

Anonymous said...

Awesome goals! I just wanted to let you know I'm compiling a list of ladies/blogs on my blog who plan to read through the Bible in a year. The goal is to be able to visit frequently and encourage one another. If you ever feel like you are in need of encouragment or simply want to visit others who are reading through the Bible this year, you can easily access some ladies who are sharing the journey!
Have a blessed weekend!