Sunday, February 1, 2009

Temptation Came A Knockin'. . .

and I locked the door!!! I really love, or should I say loved, soda. I still kinda miss it, even after being 27 days soda free. I pass it in the grocery store, and I deny. I pass it at the gas station, and I deny. I pass it up at restaurants. I have done really well. This afternoon the kids and I went over to my parents to spend some time and let daddy have peace and quiet while he gets a couple of papers done. My dad keeps in their fridge Coke Zero. Now, I am a Dr. Pepper fan, but when one is off the sauce, a Coke will do. A Coke Zero is even better, because it won't wreck my diet. The kicker today was it was not just regular Coke Zero, it was Coke Zero Cherry. I love any soda that had cherry flavoring. I wanted one. Bad. I thought about it. I argued with myself. The bad Valerie said that I could have one, as a treat, and it wouldn't even mess up my calories. The good Valerie knew that once I had that taste in my mouth I would crave it again and I would be back at square one. . again.

I am oh-so-proud to say that I RESISTED!! Me, the Dr. Pepper, soda-lovin', queen resisted a soda! I can't say that I won't be tempted again, because, well, that would be plain foolish. But I am one notch stronger in knowing I CAN, when I choose too.

New month, so new goals. This month I am going to step up my workout. The Biggest Loser, I watch it on Hulu and I am just amazed and inspired and it is truly motivating me that I can work harder and do more than I think.

I treated myself to an early reward, basically out of need. I needed to step up my cardio workout and I need a motivator. No better motivator than Jillian Michaels (and a pic of yourself hanging on the fridge to detour extra snacking). That's right, I bought a DVD box set of Jillian Michaels Beginner Circuit Training and it includes a Kick Boxing workout as well. I think the Kick Boxing is going to kick my backside, but I am willing to try. I was going to wait and a new workout DVD was going to be my reward at the first 25 pounds lost. But to get to that 25 pounds, I must change my cardio routine. Besides, I had a coupon for my favorite bookstore and some store cash that was going to expire and I don't let free money expire people. ~~Smile~~

February Goals:

To do some form of cardio--daily, no less than 20 minutes
To do some form of strength training--daily and increase the reps of each exercise I have been doing for a month
To stay below my calorie range by 150 calories
Increase my water intake by 2, making it a daily average 14 cups
To lose 15 pounds this month (lost 9 in January)
To melt off 12 more inches (that's right, 12 inches in the month of January)


forever folding laundry said...

You rock!!! Good for you! I'm impressed and inspired by's to another successful month!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I'm with you on not letting free cash expire! I too am impressed with your progress.

Boy Mom said...

Way to go! It feels so good to stay focused and see results. I've been tempted by the Jillian Cd's as well. No free cash though.

Keep up the inspiration!

Mainly a midwife said...

Congrats on your Jan. weight loss!! Way to go!