Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Like to Move It, Move It

I will never forget the Sunday morning that I was teaching my teen girls class, and in the toddler class next door we could hear a little boy singing that song at the very top of his lungs. It was hilarious.

Okay back to the present.

Heart tip for today is to get movin'! That's right, I said it. . . get movin'. Studies show that active people lower their risk of heart disease and stroke. Even if you are, shall we say, a thin person, you still need to exercise. Part of a healthy lifestyle includes physical activity. Don't think you have the time to add a workout in, here are a few tips to add some activity into your day.

~~Park at the back of the parking lot. The extra steps to the door will do you some good. And pick up the pace a little during that walk.
~~Do some heel raises while washing dishes.
~~Take the kiddos out for a walk. I know you are thinking, it's a blizzard out there, so go to the mall. Or, if it's not iced over, bundle them up and go outside for a little while, the fresh air will do everyone some good.
~~Do jumping jacks or toe touches during commercials while watching TV
~~Clean up the kids play room. . . hey you will be movin' if their play room looks like ours
~~Turn up the music and dance to some music for 15 minutes, the kids love this one, so include them--teach 'em young to be active

Those are just a few, be creative. No one said you have to do a complete aerobic workout just to get in some activity, not that you shouldn't because you should. Now if you are trying to lose weight, you will have to do more than just a few jumping jacks or toe touches, but it's a start. Being active increases your energy level and will make you feel better and your heart will thank you for it. . . by continuing to beat. ~~Smile~~

Friday is National Wear Red Day. So put on something red and celebrate heart health! Gotta finish up the post and get my cardio in for the day.

Have a heart healthy Tuesday!!


Boy Mom said...

Great idea as usual! Moving is my anti-depressant in the winters.

Mainly a midwife said...

You sound like Flylady! "Get movin'" Always good advice!!