Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So I'm Back Now

We are back home. Daniel has been in the hospital for the last three days. He had rotovirus and became extremely dehydrated.

He is finally doing better and has more energy and strength now. My poor little guy had lost TWO pounds even his little eyes were sunken. It was horrible.

Needless to say now that we are back home I have much to do in the way of cleaning, disinfecting, laundry and catching up on a LOT of lost sleep. Hubs did a lot of cleaning while I was gone, but I feel the need to deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms--just in case any little germ bugs decided to hang around.

Miraculously, no one else in our household got this nasty virus and I am giving God full credit.

I will do my best to be back tomorrow with an actual post and pics--but at this point I am no longer making any promises!

Off to rock a baby and read a story to my other kidlets.


forever folding laundry said...

Oh no!! I'm sorry he was so sick. That's awful. I'm glad he's better now and that no one else got it. There have really been some nasty things going around this season! I don't blame you for wanting to douse your house in Lysol! =)


Boy Mom said...

Babies in the hospital is so hard. I use anti-bacterial wipes on all the door frames and handles, and switches to get rid of germies, what do you use? I'm getting sick of the sick. Can't wait for spring.