Thursday, May 28, 2009


What is a Sam-ism you ask?? Good question! A Sam-ism is something that Samuel, my vivacious 3 year, says or does that is just too funny. Samuel is full of these little Sam-isms and they come when you least expect them.

I have prepared a sampling for your delight.

The Other Day, A Nap Conversation Between Sam and Mama

Mama: "You have to lay down and take a nap. Right. Now." (We had already been discussing the nap for awhile when you enter the conversation, negotiations had come to an end).

Sam: "Noooooo, please, please, please mama. I be good. I do. Weally. I do. I be good. I not tired."

Mama: "Yes you are tired and you ARE going to take a nap." (Walks over, covers him up, kisses him and walks away).

Sam: "Mama pleeeeeaaaasssse." Silence. Knowing him for all three years of his life, I go back into the room to find him doing somersaults down the couch, yes somersaults.

Mama: "Sam, that doesn't look like you are sleeping?!?! What are ya doing son?" Like I didn't know.

Sam: Very sincere voice, with sincere eyes. "But mama, I woked up." Right. Fastest nap in history, 12.8 seconds.

I sometimes call Samuel, Sammydoodle. I don't know why. Why do mothers call their kids funny little pet names? Sorry, back on topic. Sammydoodle. My mom also calls him that sometimes. So, a couple of days ago, I was loading the dishwasher and Sam came into the kitchen and said, "May I have a drink of milk, Mommydoodle?" Who could turn that down. Since then he has started to sometimes call Hubs, you guessed it, "daddydoodle".

Samuel used to eat everything you sat before him and then once we ventured further into the two's and now well into the three's, I find myself doing more begging than he is eating. Certain things he scarfs up really quick, other things that he used to love, just sits on his plate waiting for someone to eat it up. Needless to say, being the mama I feel the need to feed my kids (it's in the job description), so when he doesn't eat, I am troubled. But I also don't want to run an order-what-you-want diner, so I don't. I try to put things before him I am sure he'll eat, but since he seems to have a palette that is ever changing, I might hit one of out the park and I might not. Yesterday I hit a home run with a turkey hot dog with ketchup and I was at the sink when I heard this, "mmmmmm, this is goody, goody, GOOD". I also heard it again when we had corn on the cob and then today when I made him a bag of popcorn for snack, he ate THE WHOLE BAG. So as long as I feed him turkey hot dogs, corn on the cob and popcorn, we're good. For now anyway.

Well, that was just a small sampling of the Sam-isms. I would write more, but unfortunately my brain didn't catalog them all. Next time, I'll make a list.

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forever folding laundry said...

Turkey hot dogs, corn, and popcorn -- kind of reminds me of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. :)


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I love kid-isms. Sometimes the best comedians in the world don't realize that they are doing a comedy routine.