Sunday, May 10, 2009

That's A Mama's Prerogative

Late last night, this mama remembered that we had a half a bag of milk chocolate chips. Bad thing to have in the house and to remember at near midnight.

Too bad, I had remembered and I was off to the kitchen. Not only did I find myself pour a handful or ten into a bowl and melting them, I found myself looking for the jar of peanut butter (which I have to hide, but that's for another post). That's right people, I melted those chips, stirred in some peanut butter and enjoyed my late night chocolate goo. It was YUMMY. I chased it down with a tall glass of milk and not my normal 1% low fat you are on a diet kind either, nope the real deal--whole milk.

While enjoying the quiet and the chocolate goo, I wondered how many other mamas are up sneaking something from a secret stash or just up listening to the quiet. Probably too many to number.

I love my family more than words can express and wouldn't trade my kids for anything nor being their stay at home mama, but occasionally a mama needs some quiet time and chocolate goo.

I also wanted to give a shout out to a few women who have been instrumental in my life. My mama--she is grand and I love her. That's all I will say about her, because she will be getting her own post later on this month. My Nanny, who was the epitome of "a Godly lady". She walked in grace, she was elegant and kind. Never heard her raise her voice to anyone. Oh, if I could be like her. My head would probably hurt less. She talked about being Godly and she lived it every single day! My Mammy, she brought many giggles, funny little songs and yodeling into my life. She also showed me what a woman who prayed was like. If you would call Mammy and ask her to pray, she would hang up and immediately, I mean immediately pray. She was also a witness like I had never seen. There she was, past 60, Bible in hand going door to door inviting people to church. Visiting the elderly shut-ins that couldn't go to church. She would bring church to them. These three ladies all taught me something different. All of them love or loved me and brought joy to my life, but I can distinctly say what each of them taught me and how they influenced me. I pray everyday that their influence and teachings would not only sink in my thick head, but seep out of my life and onto others. I want to emulate them, for the emulated Christ.

Happy Mother's Day!!! May you all have a hot bath, many hugs and kisses and homemade presents, rest in God's peace and of course, chocolate.

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forever folding laundry said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!!

(And I plead the 5th on the late-night chocolate indulging!)