Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lovely. . .Memories

I have tiger lilies!! I absolutely love lilies and one of my favs is tiger lilies.

My grandmother had tons of them around her yard and I used to tell her that one day I would have tiger lilies. When I ventured out on my back porch the other day (I hadn't been out there in about five days), imagine my joy when all along the back fence was tiger lilies!! I was so thrilled I immediately went out and cut a few for my table.

Amazing how fresh cut flowers, from my own yard, can make even a dining room with one side still lined in boxes look so fresh and sunny.

Our house is definitely starting to feel and look like home. It is important to me that my house be home. A place of peace and comfort, a retreat.

A retreat with a dining room color scheme of orange and green. Sometimes, I even surprise myself.

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