Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Post About Why

It is a homeschooling post. . . so I posted it here. If you are a homeschooling family or if you are thinking it over, you might be interested in what one homeschooling mama has to say. Since that post is on the kinda serious side, the remainder of this post is all about the funny!

Otherwise, since today it's school talk here are a couple of videos that I must share. I must!

This is just hilarious! And it has truth too it too! If you know a homeschooler and you have asked these, please except these answers and never ask again! ~Laughter~

And if you have never heard this song written by Tim Hawkins about homeschooling families. . cracks me up every time!

I'll be back tomorrow with some Lovelock funnies. . . it's been awhile and I would hate for you all to think that my kids aren't funny anymore!

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MotherT said...

This post absolutely had me laughing! I love the video clips.