Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brand, Spankin' New

Today is the first day of a brand, spankin' new year.  I don't know what it is, but I just love the feeling of a new year.  It's like finishing up the chapter of a really good book and wanting to go to the next one to see what will happen.  That's how I feel today.  What will chapter 2013 look like?  What amazing miracles will we see?  What challenges will we face?  How will I be a better person in 2013?

I know most people sat down this morning or last week sometime and wrote out a whole long list of resolutions or goals.  I haven't yet.  I usually do.  A few years back I changed them from resolutions to goals.  While pondering those terms this past week I realized I had given myself an out.  You know if it's a goal and you don't get there you don't feel as bad, but when I would drop a resolution I always felt so guilty.  Resolution means you are going to be resolute, steadfast, unchanging in your decision and thats what I want to be this year.  Resolute.  I won't bore you all with a big list of my resolutions, mainly because I don't have a long list.  There are only a couple of things I have set my mind to do this year.  And yes, one of those things is to blog more.

But my main desire is to be resolute in whatever it is I have set my mind to accomplish.  God has given me another year.  Another year to be a help meet to my Hubs, to mother my babies (who aren't really so little), to reach souls that are hungry, to be a good First Lady and to just all around be a more Godly person.

So here is my question. . . what are you going to do with this brand, spankin' new year?


Alicia Phillips said...

You do beautiful work, very talented lady you are!

MotherT said...

I have a running list of things that I want to accomplish, so I don't really do the New Year's Resolution thing.

Hope this new year is a great one for you all!

Kelli Delahoussaye said...

Happy New Year's to you. I try not to make any resolutions because I end up forgetting about them. But if I were to make one, it would to stop worrying what people think of me and enjoy life more.

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