Friday, February 15, 2013

My Foray Into Homemade Shampoo

Yes!!  I did it.  I finally stopped saying I was going to and I did it.  I made my own shampoo.  And the best part is I LOVE IT!

I did not create my own recipe for shampoo.  I researched and read various articles and blogs and found one that sounded like something I would like because of these three reasons:

  • easy to put together (I don't want to spend the day cooking up shampoo)
  • minimal ingredients (keeping the cost low and isn't minimal ingredients part of the reason for this anyway?!)
  • gentle ingredients (again, that's the point right?!)
Let me say there was no cooking involved at all.  It was simply mixing the ingredients and putting them in the bottle of my choice.  Eight minutes start to finish and I was done!  If you have never visited One Good Thing by Jillee you are truly missing out!!  She has everything you could possibly imagine and more.  You must go see.  Seriously click on the link and go visit her site.  After you finish here, of course.  

The recipe for the shampoo I  made is HERE.  If you look around the site, which you could spend hours and days there and not get through it all, you will see a revised version to this recipe too.  The only thing I did differently is I added a little more coconut milk and I used grapeseed oil instead of vitamin E oil.  

Most importantly, here is my review of the product.  I love it.  As first I was skeptical because my hair didn't 'feel' clean but after it was more dry it was soft and manageable.  I have naturally curly hair and if I don't put mousse on it it will be a little frizzy and the same was true with this, but not nearly as frizzy with other shampoos.  Since I am trying to rid my life of commercial hair products I didn't do anything to it, I just let it dry.  And then I proceeded to do something I have told my Hubs for years I couldn't do. . . . I left the house, to go to Bible study no less, after fixing my hair, with NO PRODUCT on my hair.  No hair spray, mousse, gel or curl pumperizer (and yes I made that word up).  Nothing.  Today, my hair is soft and full of body, but not crispy and sticky.  LOVE it!  Now, I do love my curls but they need some help so when I really want curly curls I will use the mousse substitute that I have used many, many times. . .beaten egg whites.

I also make my own hairspray.  Now with the hairspray it isn't all natural because there is alcohol in it.  Rubbing alcohol that is, the other kind of alcohol would definitely make my hair spell different.  That would lead to interesting questions.  Ha!  Anyway, it's a simple process too, but does require some actual cooking.  But again, ten minutes start to finish and I'm done.  I also got my hairspray from the same website as above, I told you Jillee was awesome.  Click HERE for the recipe.

Now, I have found with the hairspray you have to tailor it to you.  If you need more hold, use a little more sugar.  Not much though because it holds remarkably well following the recipe to the LETTER and no need to tempt the bees away from the trash bins this summer with your overly sugared hair.  I have long hair and I like big church hair and I use this hairspray all the time.  I do not wash my hair everyday because too much of it falls out, and my hair isn't sticky and gross.  Also, when you do wash your hair you will find it cleans faster, with less shampoo and feels cleaner.  Also, no gross white flaky things from dried hairspray.  Win-win!

Why am I doing all this?  There is a couple of reasons, but the first and most important is to try and limit the amount of chemicals I am intentionally putting on or in my body and the bodies of those I love the most.  There are a lot of chemicals floating around I can't control, but what we eat, spray and lather on our bodies~we can control those chemicals.  Second, and just slightly less important is the money saving value of making my own beauty and cleaning products.  I haven't purchased a store bought facial cleanser in five years and my face is clear and healthy.  The investments are minimal and the benefits are HUGE.

Next week I will go where I haven't gone before. . . .homemade deodorant.  Hopefully I will still have friends in a few weeks.  ~Smile~

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