Thursday, April 24, 2014

A. . . .Selah

I haven't published a blog post this year.  It would be an understatement to say I've been quiet.

It's been quite an eventful almost four months.  Makiah had two surgeries and the process begun last September is complete!  Praise God!  She is doing so well and we are overjoyed!

My last post laid out the Lovelock's 2013 adventure and honestly even when I read it I was slightly overwhelmed.  Don't get me wrong, we totally saw God in it all and felt Him carrying us, but still. . . it was a lot.  So I felt the need to cut back to the basics in my life; time with family, focusing on homeschooling and church and just generally cutting out things that I just could no longer carry because in reality they weren't for me to carry anyway.

A selah, if you will.  I needed to pause and consider.  I needed to think back over everything and consider all the wonder and faith building, teachable moments that came through one medical issue after another.  I needed to pause and consider all the blessings I have that cannot be listed on a list of material assets for an insurance company.  I needed to pause and consider where God was trying to take me.  Yes, just me.  Not the family or the kids or Hubs or even my ministry with Hubs.  Where was God trying to take me and teach me?  And yes I said teach because every and I mean every trial or challenge we face may not be brought (life happens ya know) to us by God but He allows us to walk through it to teach us something.

During the last fifteen months God has taught me many things.  He reminded me that He loves Makiah even more than I do.  He built my faith.  He proved over and over that He and He alone is Jehovah Jireh (Provider),  Jehovah Rapha (Healer) and Jehovah Shalom (Peace)!  All things I already knew, but God is like a cavern of precious gems:  you can go deeper and deeper still and never reach the end of Him and never reach end of His goodness or grace.  I am joyful about what God is doing in me and those around me.  And now I feel ready to write again.

Sometimes in life we need to take a selah.  It's good to sit back and 'pause and consider' our circumstances.  What situations are you in midst of that you need to just stop, sit still for a moment and take in what God is really doing?  You might find that things aren't exactly what they seem.  A sweet friend of mine uses this phrase often, "God is writing our story" and I love that statement.  I love it because it is a statement of faith and surrender~she believes that whatever God does is for her good and she is surrendered (even when she doesn't understand) to that great fact that He's got it!  Somewhere along her life's journey my friend took a selah, to think long and hard about what was happening her in life and she came to the same conclusion that I did:

Life often brings trials and tribulations that bring us to our knees, I'm just thankful that when I'm down there in the thick of it, God is right there with me.  

"You are a hiding place for me; you preserve me from trouble; you surround me with shouts of deliverance. Selah"
Psalm 32:7 ESV

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