Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just for the Girls

Mothers, daughters, flowers, games and food. . .  A Mother/Daughter Banquet.  Makiah and I (and Daniel, of course) attended my mom's church's banquet.  It was fun and really nice to spend the afternoon with my mom.  We celebrated Mother's Day today, so that we wouldn't have to squeeze in time tomorrow between church services.  After the luncheon we went to mom's house and played games with Makiah and just chatted up the afternoon.  Sam and Daddy were having bonding time, and with the new Wii, Makiah and I weren't even missed.

Update on potty training. . . we're not.  We have put that off until I can locate rubber pants, I don't like having pee on my floor.  So we are still trying, but as long as he has a Pull-up on he is going to go in it.  So I guess technichally we haven't stopped potty training, but we are not going at it whole-heartedly right now.

So I  really need to go and get the two year old settled in, but being with daddy today his nap was slightly late....5 p.m., so he is WIDE awake.  Onward  into battle. . . . 

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