Friday, May 9, 2008

One More Year as a Twenty-something

Today is my birthday, my final year in my twenties. . . . it really doesn't bother me that much.  I am more astounded at the fact that I am actually 29, been married for 9 years and have had 4 children.  TIme seems to move so quickly.  I was making a statement about attending Gateway and when I was going there. . . . . and then it donned on me that it had actually been 10 years since I was a Gateway student.  Since like yesterday. . . . . . okay enough rambling.

So today I have been spending the day with my family and just hanging out.  Today is actually the day we were able to obtain the ever coveted Wii.  So my husband is currently playing with our new toy. 

My husband and I and Daniel are going out to eat and leaving the two older kids with my parents (everyone bow your heads and pray for my dear parents).  Daniel is to little to leave. . well he makes my parents nervous because "he can't tell me what's wrong" (quote of my mom). . so he is going with me.  Taking him to a restaurant is okay, taking the terrific two year old is another story altogether.  My kids are happy about going to Grams and Grandpa's, they will have a better time with them, and Olive Garden will be peaceful.

So not much happening around here today.  Thank ya Jesus.  I cherish these kind of days.

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