Friday, May 23, 2008

The Potty Chronicles, Installment No. 6

I bought a book.

No pee or poo in the pot.

Still wearing easy-ups.

Oh, for a magic "go pee and poo in the pot everytime like a big boy" wand.

Any suggestions??

Pray, please pray. My hair is turning gray as we speak.


RR Mama said...

I found your blog via boomama. I loved your post about bodily fluids. Been there! As far as potty training goes. My then 2 year old took six months to potty train. I know that isn't what you want to hear. But once he got it, he got it. So there hope. We would set the timer on the microwave for 30 minutes and then take him to the potty. Not ask if he as to go just take him. It was hard at times, every 30 minutes but then we would extend that for 15 minutes longer. We would change about every 3-4 days. I hope this helps. Let me know.

Liz said...

Does the book clean up his accidents for him? lol!

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Liz: I wish it did! I am hoping to just glean some wisdom from it. Maybe just reading about someone else's struggles would help too. I am starting to feel inept!!

rr mama: Thanks, even though it was six months. Right now I feeling that we will be doing this forever, six months sounds good. Thanks for your suggestions.