Friday, May 30, 2008

She's Growing Up

My baby is at camp and I'm not there to protect her. We all went down to church camp on Tuesday, but we had to return for a doctor's appointment for Sam. Makiah really, really wanted to stay and the Pastor's daughter said she would look after her. After much hand-ringing and discussion between Linton and I, we said yes. She was thrilled I was terrified. This is a huge milestone for her and though I am happy she is growing up (that is the point isn't it), I am not happy that she is growing up (every mama's fear). I know she has to, I just wish she wouldn't do it so fast.

Well, I think I'll go keep myself busy, that won't be hard to do, plenty to do around here. We still have half of our home in the trunk of the car.

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