Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today is my mother's birthday. I am so thankful that my mother is still here for me to enjoy. I remember when my relationship with her was like most teenage girls and their moms and all we did was fight and argue. I made her sad more than once. Now our relationship is great and she is my dearest friend and I love her so much. I am thankful that she put up with me, loved me and cared when I didn't deserve it. She is the world's greatest mom and an awesome grandma. My nanny was a precious woman and now my kids have a fabulous grandma to enjoy and I am thankful for that.

Today, a few years back, a beautiful person was born.

Thanks Momma, for all your sacrifices, for all the love and for just being who you are. I hope I have many, many more years with you.

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Liz said...

I remember your mom! :) Happy birthday to her :)