Monday, June 2, 2008

I Feel Like I Should Explain

I have had several people question why my blog is called "Life in the Trenches", so I am offering my explanation. I think people are taking it as a negative and it's not. It is two fold, one more simple than the other. Most parents (especially moms) have heard the term when referring to parenting. Meaning that parenting can sometimes be a battle and you are right in the thick of it. The other part is more a spiritual connotation with reference to battle as well. As you know (and if you didn't you're about to), we are fighting spiritual battles as well as parenting and the name refers to the battles we fight in the spirit, because the spiritual battles we fight will not be complete until we are in heaven.

As I am a warrior, a solider, waging war on our spiritual enemies and potty training (and other parenty duties). This is my life in the trenches.

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