Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Couple of Days in Review

Yesterday was a good day. My parents wanted to spend some time with the two oldest grandkids and so I happily dropped them off with Grams and Gramps and met a friend for lunch. Hubs was meeting with a man in the church, so it was just Daniel and I. I enjoyed my lunch out without children and then we went and bought the gifts for Fathers Day for the men in the church.

Makiah and Sam had a blast. They went and played minature golf. It was Sam's first time and Grandpa was trying to help him and on one of the holes Sam hit the ball before Grandpa got to him and he got a hole in one. Everyone cheered and clapped and Sam told me later that he got a "holey one". Makiah plays well and enjoys golf. Dad actually bought her a real golf club last year and told her he would teach her to play.

After all that excitement we all met back at my parents place and had Father's Day Dinner together (yes, I know it was a day early, but that's okay). We got Dad a silver golf case with his name engraved on it and inside carries ball markers, a divot repair tool and some wooden tee's. He was pleased with it.

Onto Sunday, which is always a crazy day for us. We had Sunday school and church (one service right now) this morning and then we took Hubs out to lunch. Then this evening I worked on the invitations to Open Grill (outreach tool) and on my Family Unity class. Then one of the young men came over and helped Hubs finish the model ship for Open Grill.

It's been a full couple of days and we are entering a three week run of craziness around here. Between church stuff, Family Unity and having to pack to move in two weeks, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. But once the next three weeks are done, maybe things will settle down for a little while. . . . . somehow I doubt it. :)

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