Thursday, June 5, 2008

He's Bound for Comedy

My son Sam has a definite future in comedy.

Last night during Bible study Sam was totally being two. His attention span had ran its course and he was done with church, only problem was, church wasn't over yet.

So I was struggling with him, and I do mean STRUGGLE and I had just about ran my course. We had already been out twice for, shall we say, a serious talk about how we act in church and that he WOULD sit down. He was attempting to escape under the pew and make his exit and I reached down and caught him up, all 39 pounds of him, and was attempting to get him on my lap when he did it--he said the cutest and most hilarious thing. He looked up at me with those big innocent eyes and said, in his most sincern and almost whiny voice. . .

"But mommy, I was just prayin'". (Yeah right)

Well, I tried to stifle it but it came erupting out of me and I giggled as quietly as I could.

I had just committed a grand parenting mistake, I smiled and, heaven help me, laughed when trying to correct, but I couldn't help it.

Oh, these very creative toddlers and the things they come up with.

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