Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So Daniel does lots of spitting up (sounds better than puking, don't ya think?), and it's bringing back the not-so-happy days when Samuel had reflux.

So Daniel had finally drifted off into dreamland yesterday and I was loading the dishwasher and Makiah comes around the corner and says "Well, he went kaphlooey-looey again."

Slightly bewildered I asked her what she was talking about, and she explained that Daniel had puked again and she that just thought kaphlooey-looey sounded better than puke. And she looked at me as though I should know exactly what she was talking about and what was my problem?!?! So now he goes kaphlooey-looey, not "he's puking".

Makes perfect sense doesn't it? Yeah, I thought so too.

On to more coherent topics. Daniel had his two-month appointment today and he is up to nine pounds and twelve ounces and 21 1/4 inches long. That means since birth he has gained over three pounds, but if you go back to when he lost soooo much weight he has actually gained four pounds and he has grown 2 and a quarter inches.

He got three shots today and screamed all the way to the car, course he also thought he was absolutely starving (he had just eaten one hour earlier). Now he is sleeping soundly and I have Tylenol infant drops for later, just in case of fever or pain. I am hoping church going goes smoothly, but one never knows.

Well, off to get dinner ready and get the troops assembled for church.

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