Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh Can Opener, Oh Can Opener

Okay, I want to know what I have done to offend that wonderful little gadget known as the can opener. A few months back when we moved here, somehow our can opener didn't tag along. So I toddled off to Wal-Mart and purchased me a new one. Now being the smart shopper that I am, I purchased the lesser of the two options of can openers and thought "What't the difference, might as well save a couple of bucks?"

Continent with my purchase I came home and that evening while preparing dinner I used the new can opener, and it performed it's job well. The next day however, things changed. The can opener would no longer open cans. It made terrible growling noises and wouldn't turn. Unfazed I packaged it back up and toddled back to Wal-Mart for an exchange. Though I believed that one was just defective, I upgraded, splurged and bought the next one up (the only other option).

Believing that everything would be fine, I took it out and for dinner that night I went to use the new, more expensive can opener. . . . . .it didn't work, at all. *humph*

Very frustrated I returned to Wal-Mart and decided that there was no way I could go wrong with a manual can opener. I purchased it and for three months it has done it's job every time it was called upon, until this week.

It started making a weird scraping noise and not going around, and then it would, so I blew it off. Blame the can, or as my husband would say, blame the operator (oh, yes it worked for him).

Then yesterday it quit working all together, even for hubby. The little wheels go around but they don't cut and they don't turn the can. *humph*humph*

Who burns out a manual can opener??

I think I'll switch to frozen veggies.


Liz said...

mercy, what kind of cans are you opening? titanium? lol! get thee hence to a store with kitchen aid stuff, their manual one is the best

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

lol, no just regular old cans, but I think they are ganging up on me. Kitchen Aid here I come. . . me and my titanium cans!!