Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Toddler Type Day

Sam could test the patience of Job. I thought Makiah was strong-willed, but Sam has beat her out for the title. He pushed every boundry he could think of today and a few I hadn't thought of. We now have a beautiful red (cherry) applesauce stain on the cream living room carpet, covered in baking soda (trying to get it out). That's just one of my Sam adventures of the day. It's been a great day.

Actually other than the applesauce diaster and not listening, our day went pretty well. We went and signed Makiah up for the summer reading program and she is very excited. I have challenged her to read 20 chapter books this summer. They are short and I believe she can do it. She gets to pick a prize at the end of each 5 she reads, and at the end she gets to pick something for us to do just her and I. She is up for the challenge. She is also doing some school work over the summer, because she asked me to. I was going to let her off with just reading, but she told me she missed doing school and could we please do work. So I will ride this train as long as I can and let her to school work over the summer. I pray she always loves school this much.

We are looking for a place to live again. Our apartment complex has lost it's minds and the former manager, who never gave us a lease to sign and we've been here 6 months has flown the coupe and done some not-so-good things and so we are moving. . . . again. Can't you hear the joy exuding through the post? I hate moving, but this will be our fouth move in 8 months (long story) and I'm just hating even the thought right now. But gotta do, whatcha gotta do and this is what we gotta do. God is doing something and we are just trusting in him. It could be worse, it could always be worse.

Well, I must go and pump some milk for the lil' one and then try to catch a few zzzz's while everyone is sleeping. I need to figure out how to change my post time, because it looks as if I am going to bed early and I'm not.

Goodnight bloggy world, gotta sleep while it's peaceful around here.

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