Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're Havin' Fun Now

Well folks the packing is in full swing and we only have three days before the movers arrive!! I woke up yesterday with a severe pain and took myself to the doctor and I have yet another double ear infection and sinus infection. Oh, yeah, way fun. Nothing like packing from the horizontal position, I spent most of yesterday laying the in the recliner and telling Hubs what could go to the trash and what was priceless treasure! I could barely stand up straight. Needless to say I haven't done very much in the last 36 hours, but I am on the mend and will work like a crazy woman the next three days. We are making more progress than I think, I just hating packing and moving. This is unfun, which in Lovelock Land would be the opposite of fun! I don't know if it truly is a word (too tired to care), but it is tonight!

Now, whew, I feel better. Nothing like a mini rant to start off a post.

Well, I have lots more to say, but Hubs is quietly yelling(yes I know, but somehow he is accomplishing it) from the other room that I should be in bed and not typing. He's right! Need some sleep, so I can work like that crazy, afore mentioned woman, tomorrow.

Daniel is asleep, so I should do the same before he changes his mind.

TIme to count my blessings and close out Wednesday. I bet you all think I don't do that, count my blessings, considering the whininess of this post, but I do.

Maybe I'll be more cheery tomorrow. I'll try.


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