Monday, June 23, 2008

Now She Has Three

Last night was our academic night at church to honor graduates and homeschool students. Makiah received a trophy for "Most Productive", because she completed first grade three months early, started second grade work and wants to and is doing summer school. I will post pics of her with her trophy another day. She proudly professed that she now has three trophies and she would like more some time. I love my girl. She is bright, funny, sweet, sassy and she loves Jesus. She is talking a lot about getting baptized and so that will be next. Wow, it seems like just yesterday she was Daniel's size.

I am off to do something very important--snuggle with and read Makiah a bedtime story. She could read it herself, but it's more fun if I do. I won't get to do this forever and I am going to for as long as I can.


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Cara said...

Just so you know this almost made me cry:( I am missing so much!

Let me know when she is going to be baptized! I want to be there!