Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Morning to You Too

I love when my children wake up. They are so fresh and sleepy-eyed. They are cuddly and loving.

Not this morning!

Samuel called my name and so I immediately sat up (the last time he raided the fridge) and he came walking into my room. He was holding his hand up and told me to look.

Fear was growing within me and I knew what it was. I examined his hand anyway and my dread was correct--it was poo.

I decided that I would just put the whole kid in the tub, he needed it anyway (don't they always). Now if you knew my current dilemma with the tub you would know why I dreaded this thought, especially since I had just been awakened with the smell of poo wafting though my bedroom.

Samuel currently hates the bathtub. Oh, he loves to play in there, but his eczema is so bad right now that he cries and screams because even water burns. So it is like WWF in the bathroom trying to get him to sit down.

Today--SUCCESS!!!! I finally got him to sit, after a major wrestling match-he's a strong lil' bug, and he cried for a little while. Actually he wailed as if being murdered, and then calmed down and played. He actually played. This is the first bath in a month that hasn't been a shower and as short as possible because of the crying--both of us crying that is.

So this morning I drink my orange juice with a smile of success on my face.

We are getting ready to walk out the door to the library. We're going to see a firetruck and fireman. . . . .

Details to follow, with pics!! Aren't you excited???

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