Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Fire Truck Day

My Samuel is obsessed with fire trucks and firemen. Ever since the fire in our apartment where he watched them climb and in full gear and the lights, and, etc he has talked non-stop about them. So today the library was having a program about fire trucks and firemen and we went. Sam finally got to see a fireman get "dressed up" (Sam quote) and look at all the fire truck stuff. We even got fireman hats. OH, yes, it was great indeed. Here are a few pics of our morning. Sam looks like he is having a dreadful time, but he was hot and tired and was ready to go when we got the hats. He really did have a great time. Makiah enjoyed herself, but was hot so she thought she was going to melt. I am glad it only lasted one hour.

He is intently watching the fireman "get dressed". He kept his hands on his ears for most of it. He thought the sirens were going to go any second.

Makiah is watching and the sirens are blaring.

This picture doesn't really speak "Great times", but we had to have at least one picture with the hats on.

I am exhausted! Give me my blankie and let me sleep.

I just had to throw this one in. I finally caught him smiling and the picture wasn't blurry. If you hadn't smiled yet, I bet you just did.

Well, I am all blogged out. Two posts in one day is more than enough.

The fun is over, it's time for dishes.

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