Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heaven Help Me, I'm Displaying this Mess Online

Here are the pics of our unpacking adventure this far.

This would be the dining area in our kitchen. It's really large and we have a lot of space in here, which is good because we need it.

My poor kitchen is in need of TLC, but soon and very soon it will be together and I'll have a fully functional kitchen.

The living room is also in need of TLC, but the living room is being worked on today, so by tomorrow I'll have pics of a clean living room (kitchen too for that matter).

Play room and most of these boxes are toys and a few are clothes, so this room will take awhile, but hopefully by Monday the kids will have all their toys out and be able to enjoy them.

Kids bedroom--not a lot of toys will be in here, because this room is for sleeping. Toys only make sleeping more difficult. I can just see Sam up at two a.m. playing with his drums. At least if the drums are in the other room the temptation is not as great.

Well there you have it ya'll. We have lots of unpacking to do, and then on to the decorating. The kitchen used to be done in apples, but like I said in the before and after post I plan on changing to the Vineyard theme. I need a change. I have some other pics of areas that will be decorated, but alas it is time for Daniel (otherwise known as the piglet) to eat again.



the lizness said...

Oh, how far we have come from the Gateway days. how VERY FAR :)

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Yes, very, very far. Seems like another life.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

You've got a lot to tackle there, but sounds like you have a plan!! Can't wait to see the after pictures!