Friday, July 4, 2008

It's All About Sam and The Potty Chronicles No. 9

Well, well, well my two year old never ceases to amaze and again this morning we were amazed.

He woke up early and cried out mommy and then went back to sleep, or so I thought. That was my first mistake, this morning that is.

I was nursing Daniel and fully expected my beloved toddler to besiege my bed but he didn't so I fell back asleep.

About a hour later I wake up to "hi mommy" in a very loud, toddler type voice. I opened my eyes with lovingness in my heart and then I saw him.

He had made is way downstairs, the gate didn't stop him. He even leaned it neatly and quietly against the wall. In is chubby little hands was the open can of chocolate fudge frosting and a spoon--he had made himself breakfast!!! He was feasting on the frosting and had a cute little chocolate mustache to complete his look.

As if that wasn't enough, he proceeds to tell me that he cleaned the poopy. I immediately had visions of a poopy diaper laying on the living room floor. I looked and saw he still had his diaper on, but strangely enough it was wet and so was the back of his shirt.

We aren't exactly sure what he did and we may never know. ~~insert Twilight zone music here~~

The downstairs was all intact so the frosting and the diaper were his only adventures, for which I am very thankful.

Now onto the latest in the potty talk around the Lovelocks. I told you it was all about Sam.

When at church the other night I was about to change his diaper and he said "wait, I gotta pee some mo", I stopped and he made a strange face and then said "ok, I done". Little turkey. He did that again while I was changing him this morning and I thought he was going to pee on me. So he has sealed his fate.

So having seen that, I have decided that he is more than ready and he doesn't have a choice but to go potty. Tomorrow we go underoos and rubber pants. Daniel goes back to cloth diapers tomorrow (just found the box) and we go back to saving money.

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