Monday, July 28, 2008

Just One Adventure After Another

Samuel takes his climbing abilities very seriously here recently. Nothing is put up high enough in our house. We are going to have to start hanging things in nets from the ceiling. A couple of weeks ago (this was one of the things I forgot about, see here for that story) he discovered that if he stands on the laundry basket that sits in front of the washer (and it's always full mind you), he is just high enough to climb up on the washer, stand on said washer or dryer, and get into those cabinets that I put "stuff", such as in everything-I-don't-want-Samuel-to-get-because-Samuel-can't-reach-up-here "stuff". No, he proved me wrong, he can. So we have moved the laundry basket.

The top of the refrigerator is also one of those he-can't-reach-up-there-spots, so I put things up there that if left where he can reach will be gone within 2.9 seconds--such as a whole bunch of bananas. I am glad my kids love fruit, especially bananas, but I would like a bunch to last longer than 2.9 seconds, since we don't have a banana or money tree growing out back. So on my quest to keep things out of his grubby (and they are grubby most of the time), chubby little hands, I put things on the top of the frig. The other day while I was gathering laundry I heard a scraping noise, I quickly made my way back downstairs, because I'm no fool. Sam was obviously not still giving Veggie Tales his complete attention and Makiah, who was told to keep an eye on him, was obviously more intent on the leapster. I came into the kitchen to find my lil' genius had pulled one of our chairs over to the frig and was happily partaking in a banana and an ice cream bar. He is not only ingenious, but he works at lightening speed. See we have a pub table, so that means our dining chairs are barstool height. Just the perfect height, when combined with a 2 and a half year olds height to reach anything toward the front of the top of the frig or much to his joy, anything in the freezer. He was quite proud of himself. He proudly declared to me "Look what I foun' mommy". Yes, as if the ice cream was lost.

So in the spirit of keeping things fair, today I will be purchasing a refrigerator lock/guard, if they still make such a thing. That might slow him down long enough for his tired mama to intervene and gather that laundry that still isn't done.

You might think that our climbing adventures are through, but you would be wrong. Hang with me, our stories get better and better.

I already told you of the flying escapade, but there is so much more my inventive two year old can do. See Samuel for some reason doesn't like to keep his feet on the floor. He is always climbing, dangling or perching on something. So I finally had held it long enough and I had to escape to the bathroom. I told Makiah that I would be right back and to watch him and I took off for the bathroom at lightening speed. I quickly returned to find my Samuel scaling the bookcase, he was on the second shelf, with one foot on the third and the bookcase was beginning to lean out (never a good sign). I ran over and picked him off the bookcase and sighed a big sigh of relief that I had caught him in time. Then I patiently (ha ha ha) explained not to do that and why. Even though a trip to the bathroom by myself is a blessed event, I knew there were reasons I would rather him follow me.

So, combined with the frig lock/guard, I will also be purchasing brackets so that we can "mount" the bookshelf against all the wiles of the Samuel.

We have stairs, so that means for a portion of said stairs we have a banister. There is a small ledge on either side of that banister, well you all know what a banister looks like. Samuel has decided that in the spirit of all super heroes, and since he is a super hero he can scale that banister. So he begins to climb on the outside of that banister, on a ledge narrower than his fat little foot holding on and proclaiming "I Bible Man" the whole way up. Hubs was deeply engrossed in the research he was doing online and didn't realize that this was happening 12 feet behind him. Hearing the words "I Bible Man", gave this mama a big clue that he was doing something he should not be doing. I abandoned the pot I was stirring and came into the living room to find him perched at the top/end of the banister, dangling above the baby swing and proclaiming, with one hand raised high "I Bible Man, I hab the swaurd of the spirit". Again, I picked him off the banister and took him into the kitchen and buckled him into his booster seat. At least there he can't go anywhere.

Currently Bible Man and Makiah are outside playing with dad, so Daniel and I are enjoying the peace and quiet. For soon and very soon I must begin the Monday run around, that to do list isn't getting any shorter.

So if any of you ever questioned why I was so tired or sounded as though I couldn't compile two words, let alone an entire post, now you know. I am busy fighting with Bible Man and keeping all items in cabinets or on frig. And somewhere in the process, taking care of the rest of the family.

I love being a mom. I truly love my job.


Mrs Lemon said...

"I Bible Man, I hab the swaurd of the spirit"


Farrah said...

Thanks for update on Sis. Mac. Thaniel has told us about your family. He thinks that you kids are precious!

I think I'll take the 1930's quiz you posted when I get a chance.

God Bless!

Farrah said...

Wow...I just noticed my typo in the comment that I just know what I mean.