Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Refrigerator Wears Seat Belts

Sorry bloggity friends, for not posting more this week. I have been super busy this week and the kids have been sick as well. I am actually staying home this morning from church because Daniel is now running a fever. I hate it when the little ones are sick.

Refrigerator update: It now wears seat belts. Really, the little lock things look like a seat belt that clicks into place. YAY!! Success, he is locked out of the frig and freezer and he hasn't figured them out yet. Though, he has tried to pull it open and he holds onto the handle and puts his feet up on the door, therefore dangling (booty out) from the frig, trying to get it open. I have to give it props because it has held fast. I was afraid that he'd have it broke off the first day, but nope. Access denied.

He still scales the banister and has added standing on the back of the couch to his r'epertoire, therefore ensuring that he is in trouble most of the day. There is one word that stands out when describing Sam: persistent.

You would think that him being sick this week would slow him up, but not Sam, he still went full tilt most of the week. There was one day where he wasn't as active as normal and he did have his moments where he would just lay on the couch and watch Veggie Tales, but they were few and far between considering he was sick. Once the motrin kicked in, it was back to messin' around and scaling tall pieces of furniture.

Although the two's are wearing me out, I don't want him to grow up any faster than he already is. He keeps me running and most of the time is the reason for my exhaustion, but he's my sweetie. Something about those chubby hands and I-am-too-cute-to-be-in-trouble-smile.

Makiah finally got tired of doing schoolwork so I decided to give her the rest of the summer off (trying to avoid burn out), just keep up her reading. She has been off for two weeks now and she is already back to asking to please do schoolwork. She got her flash cards out and was doing them herself yesterday. So I got some fun workbooks about animals and the earth for her to do and we will use her math flash cards and hopefully that will satisfy her "thirst for knowledge". Don't get me wrong I am happy she loves schoolwork, but I think right now I am more in need of a summer break than she is and I don't want her to hate schoolwork by the time the actual school year rolls around. I may switch her to a full year type schedule, but I am still thinking about that.

Well, Daniel is fussin', he's ready to go back to sleep. I will do better this week in posting.

Hope you all have a blessed and happy Sunday!

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