Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Memory, Bible Man and Shoes

I can't say there hasn't been anything going on, because there is always something going on, I just haven't been able to compile them into an actual thought of blogworthiness. Course that last comment insinuates that all my other posts are blogworthy, and well, that's debatable.

Scary part is that when something happens, I think, "that would be blog material", and then I promptly forget what is was that happened. I truly believe the part of my brain that contains memory is shrinking. I am too young for this.

Samuel has a new super hero to pretend to be, BibleMan.  He used to say he was SpiderMan (never even seen a spiderman cartoon or anything).  A young man at our church could jump and put one foot on each wall and he would say, "Just like Spiderman".  So Samuel would stand on, well, anything high off the ground and say "I spidaman".  Well at the local Christian I-get-into-trouble-coming-in-here-because-I-want-all-I-see bookstore, I picked up a BibleMan DVD on sale.  Samuel loves it.  He watches it everyday.  There is very little that he will sit and watch and this is one of the DVD's he doesn't move during.  At it's completion, he runs around and says he's BibleMan.  Yesterday, he decided to take that one step further.  He climbed up on the couch, and then onto the arm of said couch.  I came out of the kitchen just in time to see him raise is hands and say "I can fly, I BibleMan"!!!  And he leapt off the couch.   Just so you know, BibleMan doesn't fly in the show, this is the Samuel version.

Makiah got to spend the day with grandma on Saturday and of course they went running around shopping and just had fun.  Well, grandma went to Payless and when she had found what she wanted she asked Makiah if she wanted to look for some new shoes.  Now, Makiah never turns down shoes.  She loves to get shoes.  She told my mom, "No, I have enough right now."  What???!!?  She never turns down shoes.  I usually have to sedate her to get her around Wal-Mart without going to the shoe section and begging for yet another pair of "I have to have them, they are so cute shoes."  Now I don't buy her shoes every trip to the store, but that doesn't stop her from asking (begging).  I think the heat was gettin' to her that day.  When she wakes from the trance she is in, she is going to be sorely disappointed that she said no.  I still don't think she realized what she did.

Well, now that you all are properly updated, I think I'll head to the kitchen and tackle those dishes and scrub counters.  Exciting huh?  

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