Saturday, July 5, 2008

Smells Like Play-Doh

Tonight while playing with a huge tub of various blocks my children lugged downstairs, Makiah and Sam presented me with trophies for being the "Bestest (such excellent grammar and good use of language, don't ya think?) Mommy in all the World and ever."

~~~Head inflating, hope I can get through the doorway~~~

They each had built one, and before I could take pictures, Sam knocked them over (pure joy to him to knock anything over) to build a "builin" (Sam speak for building). I was surprised and it felt good to have such a high compliment. It's always nice when one of your offspring just says something like that because they mean it, not because a holiday said they had too.

And shortly after this wonderful presentation, this occurred. . . . . .

Now, I am not a gourmet chef, but I do think I can cook up some grub when called upon and most of the time it turns out highly finely. Well this evening, after a very full day I began making dinner. Makiah enters the kitchen and says, "OOhhh whatcha makin?" I said I am making chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes.

Little did she know that I was making Mediterranean Chicken, Green Beans simmered in chicken broth and sugar (new recipe) and mashed potatoes.

After a little time passed she came back in the kitchen, the chicken has only been cooking for a few minutes, but there was a delicious smell coming from the pot.

She leaned over and sniffed. Thinking to myself that it was smelling quite good she promptly says, "What kind of chicken is that?", I told her she would like it and it was what I had dubbed as "Mediterranean Chicken", she sniffed again and says, "Oh, well, it smells like Play-doh."

Let me remove the chef hat now and pick my deflated head up off the floor.

Thank you Makiah. Good thing you gave me that compliment just forty minutes before, otherwise things could turn ugly.

I just knew that meant she wasn't going to eat any, I have a hard enough time getting her to eat meat when it doesn't smell like Play-doh. I fixed everyone a plate and Makiah slurped up every bit and told me how good it was. Actually I believe she said "Mama, that was delicious."

~~Head re-inflating, to normal size this time, I learned my lesson~~

Smelled like Play-doh, to her is apparently did, but it was also yummy. Then again, for children who love Play-doh, maybe it was a compliment. . . . . . no, somehow I don't think it was.

Moral of the story is: Take those compliments to heart, for you might need to call to upon it to defend a dinner or pick up that deflated head.

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