Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Never Thought I'd Get Excited Over Something Like This

I just ordered two Happy Heiny's from here, and I am so excited. Not only are we trying a new diaper, but we got them on clearance, that's always a plus. I am excited to be trying a new kind of diaper for lil' man since he is just about out of his prefolds. I really want to try Fuzzi Bunz, but I am not quite ready to pay twenty bucks each, I am hoping to catch them over here for a lesser price. I will wait it out. I definitely didn't see myself getting excited about getting new cloth diapers, a new purse, yes, cloth diapers no. I never thought I would be using cloth diapers and loving them, but we are and I am.

Linton is still not quite sure about them and when I'm not here and I come back Daniel will be in a disposable. :) He'll get there I'm sure. This is the same man that asked me while pregnant with baby number one, "Are you going to use cloth diapers?" (notice the use of you in that question) and I, almost in disgust, replied, "no, have you lost your mind." I never considered cloth diapering before, some think my mind is slipping and others think I am being environmentally conscience--they're both wrong, I am just trying to save money. But it's a side benefit that I am helping the environment too. Wow, I really took a rabbit trail there, back to the original thought. . . . .

Now here we are. I have fully embraced cloth and he is clinging to Huggies with all his might. What can I say, we have come a long way.

Well, I am wide awake and everyone around me is sleeping. I seem to have my days and nights mixed up and I am rambling, could someone please help me?!?!

Goodnight bloggity friends. I promise tomorrow I'll have something more interesting to post and hopefully it has a point that's easily followed.

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