Monday, August 4, 2008

Shower = Death Trap

I have been meaning to write about our bathtub/shower since we moved in, but I just keep forgetting (yes, I have mentioned my lack of memory before). So I finally remembered and here we go.

We moved into this townhouse almost a month ago and the bathtub has been the thorn in my side ever since. It is old, it is metal and it is slippery, but it's even more slippery because instead of a nice just slightly rounded bottom, this tub is caving in and therefore has a V slope.

Standing in it is like an acrobatic trick that requires grace and balancing skills. Not only does it increase your athletic abilities, but because of its crazy slope the water pools really bad. Now I love a good foot soakin' as much as the next girl, but standing in a eight inches of water while showering is not quite what I had in mind.

Needless to say, that while getting a nice long (which is not often), hot shower is on the top of my "I love that" list, not in this shower. It is not enjoyable nor is it feasible due to the fact that your legs begin to cramp because the way you are standing.

So, I finally couldn't stand it anymore and I called the office and told them something had to be done. They came out and said they would have to talk to the manager and then the maintenance man came back with a bathtub repair man and he said he could fix it.

Now my tub is as close to normal as it is going to get, but currently my house smells like high powered glue and I think we are beginning to hallucinate. Of course in my case, most people wouldn't be able to tell if I was hallucinating or not because I always sound this way.

Long, hot showers here I come.

I actually wrote this post last week and didn't get around to editing it, so I saved it. Then I promptly forgot that I had saved it. I knew I remembered typing a post and that's why even I was surprised to see that I hadn't posted in a week! See what I mean about the hallucinating, you probably think I am surrounded by epoxy toxins all the time.

No, this is just my normal.


Mrs Lemon said...

you are cracking me up! yeah, my apt maintenance man leaves something to be desired too. the garbage disposal needs replaced, and everytime we call about it, they just come and clean it out. Not the same.

Linton said...

replaced, cleaned out--those are synonymous to apartment complexes