Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of Sweet Potatoes and Surgery

Yesterday was another first in Daniel's life, he had his first vegetable--sweet potatoes! He loved them. I have the experience documented digitally for your viewing enjoyment.

"Could someone please tell my mama that I AM HUNGRY!!!" I was apparently taking a little too long in getting the food opened and getting it shoveled into his mouth. He's cute even when he's screaming.

"This is pretty good, but I wish she'd hurry." He would stop fussing long enough to keep a little bit in his mouth and then fuss at me if I took too long on the next bite. He had finished half a container and I walked away to get his bottle and he cried like I had just left him in the jungle. (Sorry Makiah is watching Jungle Book and jungle just seemed appropriate)

"That was yummy, nothing like sweet taters and mama's milk. Now can I go to sleep?" Isn't he cute?? And yes, he did get some of it in his mouth.

Well now that I have covered the sweet potatoes portion of this post, on to the surgery part.

Makiah was born with an ambilical cord hernia and it's rather large. Well they told me it might close on its own, of course, it didn't. So now that she is seven, it's time to close it up. That's right folks my little drama mama is going to have surgery.

While waiting on the time to be scheduled for surgery, she burst into tears. Right there in the waiting room.

"I don't wannnt to have surgery, I like my hernie (yes that's how she says it)." And the whole waiting room, collectively, said "aaawwww".

I can't say that I am fond of the idea, actually I don't like it at all. Even though I don't like it, I don't want problems to arise later in life because of this one little "hernie", when it's so easily fixed.

Well, easy for them. Nerve-racking for me and terrifying for her.

We won't even talk about the recovery process. It will be painful for both of us.

I am buying her a new game for her Leapster so she will have a new one to play while lying around. I will probably get her a couple of books too. Got to work the education in any way I can!

Pray for us. Her surgery is on September 5th.

There have been many times, too many actually, that I have called upon God to give me peace and watch over my little one during surgery.

God has never failed me, never.

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foreverfoldinglaundry said...

I had a hernia surgery when I was seven. I remember running through my house that same night and my mom begging me to just lay down. The recovery was pretty easy for me and I hope it will be for your daughter as well!