Friday, August 22, 2008

Pass Me A Dr. Pepper Please, No Questions Asked

Homeschooling has begun and I am in search of a nerve pill. Or a TALL glass of Dr. Pepper. And chocolate of any kind.

Oh, heaven help me, the drama. I have said it before and I'll say it again, this girl is going to win an Oscar some day.

She can be emotional over anything. Today for the first time in her life she made herself go to her room. Yeah, it was a great morning.

After all the drama and Sam's doctor appointment we began school. I would say the first subject went well. The next subject went a little less well and then by the time we got the third subject there were tears and "I can't do it" and "Oh mama pleeeaaassseeee". After a rip-roaring good time, I said it's time for a break and here we are, taking a break. Normally we would be done by now, but like I said earlier, we started late because of Sam's doctor appointment. I won't even mention how late.

Don't get me wrong. . . . I love being a SAHM and I love homeschooling (most days), but there are times when I have to remind myself why I do what I do.

It's not often, but occasionally I consider running to the first public school I can find and enrolling her before I think it through.

I won't, but at least I'm honest.

Being a SAHM has some fringe benefits that are just oh! so! wonderful!!

One of those benefits, is taking a nap when the kids do. Not that I usually get to, at least it is an option.

Another of those benefits is hearing all the funny things they say. Here are a few quotes of the day:

These first two are while riding in the car with Samuel this morning. It's always very enlightening to ride with him, by himself, he points out the things most of us miss.

Sam: "Wow, mommy, they are buildin' something. Something BIG. I think it's my house, yeah my house". It's actually a new restaurant.

Sam: (While passing the side of Wal-mart) "Mommy, its a mergency!! (emergency is what he means and that's what he calls an ambulance) Look mommy! A mergency!! Somebody must be sick at Wal-Mart, yeah sick, cuz, they have a mergency." We were passing a beautiful white Hummer and I guess to Sam it resembled an ambulance. I was cracking up.

Sam: "ACHOOO (real sneeze). Oh, man, I schnoozed." I nearly spilled the milk I was pouring.

Makiah hasn't offered any comic relief today, too much drama. Comedy wasn't in her repertoire today, it was tragedy.

Right now all is at peace and I need to go get the nappies off the line, because it's cloudin' up for a good rain.

Tomorrow night is Open Grill. Pray, saints, pray. Hubs is almost done with his ship, his new name is Noah. It is awesome. Best cardboard ship of all time. I'll try and post pics late tomorrow night.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I hear you. I've always told dh that if I ever contemplate quitting homeschooling he needs to remind me how busy Disney World is during peak season.
And sometimes that's what it takes to remind me that it's worth it. ;)

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

I guess the beginning of the school year is stressful any which way you look at it!!

I love the 'mergency' and 'schnooze'! My favorite made-up word my son used to say was 'pacuter' for computer. =)

Enjoy your weekend!