Thursday, August 28, 2008

Potty Talk- An Update on Cloth and Potty Training


Potty training--dreadful! Need I say more about that???

Okay, okay, more info on both.

I am totally lovin' cloth diapers, nappies, as they are frequently referred to around here. Daniel has totally grown out of his infant prefolds and I have had fun selling and swapping on Diaper Swappers, getting rid of the old and getting some new stuff. Up to this point, I had only tried pocket diapers and I really love them, but two days ago my first AIO (all in one) nappy came and we are really liking that too. We have tried Blueberry's, Happy Heiny's and Fuzzi Bunz, and love them. I think I like Happy Heiny's the best, I think. I want to try Thirsties AIO, but the weight size for medium is a little bigger than Daniel is right now, and I don't want to order one until we can use it. I did order some prefolds and covers, the next size up and they! are! huge!! So I am going to sell or trade them for some more pockets or AIO's. I thought I use the prefolds while the others were being washed, but not so. Prefolds were great for infancy, but I like the convience of the pockets and AIO's. Click on the link above if you are interested cloth, it's one retailer I have used. Ya know, all three of you that read this, that might want to know about some Fuzzi Bunz or Happy Heinys.

Okay so now that I have bored all of you with my love of nappies, on to the potty training.

Not going so well, actually it's not going at all.

I thought we were making progress and then he stopped going. I would faithfully take him every 15 minutes and set him on the throne but nothing would happen. I knew he had to go, but he didn't. So I gave him more to drink and he still didn't go. At nap time, I put a pull-up on him. Mama didn't raise no fool, sleeping time means pull-up time. The very second it hit his bum he peed in it and soaked it while sleeping. I put underoos back on him after his nap and started the drinking process again and the track meet to the potty began again and still no action in the potty. Finally right after dinner I put him in a pull-up and he did the same thing he did at nap time--immediately soaked it.

The next morning, before we began our marathon potty adventure, I noticed that his diaper smelled rancid and thought to myself "good he pooed before the underoos went on, YES!". But upon removing the pull-up we realized that he had not pooed, but in fact his urine was the rancid smell wafting through my home. Yes, dear readers, he held it for so long the day before that he actually gave himself a bladder infection. I felt like dirt. He still won't go on the potty. I must devise a new plan of attack, because the pull-up costs are killing the budget.

I believe that Samuel sums it up best. Yesterday at church, one of our young people asked him if he was going potty in the potty and Samuel proudly proclaimed "only at church".

He tells the truth folks, the only place he pees in the potty is at church, for only his Sunday school teacher.

I wonder if she could come live here for a few weeks.

I know how anxious you all were about being updated on our potty business around here. I wouldn't want you all to be deprived.

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