Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Helmet Hair

I like BIG hair.

I always have. Now don't get me wrong, I don't wear my hair in a beehive or anything, but I am not of fan of my hair just lyin' flat on my head. If given a choice my hair would have some height all the time. But in my realm of momminess I don't always have or make time for wonderfully big hair.

I also have curly hair so if given the opportunity to be free it will begin to expand into long afro type territory.

Big hair requires a big hairspray. Back when the poof was in (I am so glad that is gone), Rave seemed to be the hairspray of choice for Apostolic teens wanting to keep their huge locks in line. Rave was like spray concrete--you didn't have to worry about your hair moving and messing up your "look", but you also had to be concerned as to whether or not it would ever wash out.

Here lately I have had trouble with losing copious amounts of hair, it's probably all that aforementioned hairspray that soaked into my follicles or being a SAHM- I'm not sure which, trying to keep up with having a nice fluffy look has been challenging. It's getting rather thin. No, there are no bald spots, but I see them in my future if this keeps up.

So in an effort to keep all the curls where they are supposed to be and get my hair a little more height (not just lyin' flat on mah head) I decided that the gentle hairspray I was using was just not doing it. I needed something with a little more muscle and so I purchased a tall purple can of ozone killing hairspray (so much for being a little more eco-friendly). This was my first go around with the tall purple can, I've heard great reviews. I mean, it works for Kangaroos, right?

So I fix my hair and use the new hairspray. It works great!! Fabulous hold, no little loosey's around the edges, a little height to the do, which is necessary. I was thrilled. Until. . . . .

While taking down my hair I realized that it really wasn't coming "down". Actually it was more like holding it's shape just not in a ponytail anymore. I touched it and it was completely stiff. I know that had I left it up, I could have worn it for at least three more days and no one would have known it hadn't been fixed fresh that morning.

My hair was so hard that I could have had a car accident and not sustained any head trauma, I totally had helmet hair.

So have I kept on using this hair cementing spray----why yes!

It takes me back to the yesteryears of teenhood and making hair so big no one would sit behind you. There I was, in church, with my big-haired friends and the pew behind us would be devoid of all people. Long, hot-stick induced afro's and they were big and concreted into place.

Why I might just go back to the poof, bangs for those not in the churchy realm and don't know what I am talking about.

Just kidding.

That is one fad that can stay in it's grave.

Big curly do's, now that's another story.

Here's some inspiration!

This is a little much for me, but someone must like it.

I just couldn't resist sharing my helmet hair with the bloggy world. Hopefully I didn't bore all three of you too much. I'll be back with more of my incoherent mommy fodder tomorrow. I am sure by then one of my children will give me some material.


Mrs Lemon said...

I'm all about the big HAIR. Remember when we went to the zoo with Dumb and Dumber and had to fix our hair at his house before youth service that night? LOL

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Ha! The Rave reference definitely takes me back. I still remember how it smells. =) I have the opposite of 'big hair'. No matter how much I try, mine is as flat as they come. Oh well.