Monday, September 8, 2008

When God Ponders

Sometimes I actually think about other things besides nappies, clothes lines and potty training. . . only occasionally though.

Today is one of those days.

Makiah told my mom something the other day that kind of struck me. A child's wisdom is sometimes greater than our own, with their boundless faith and trust in God. Here is the following conversation between my mom and Makiah:

Makiah--"I wanted it, but mama said we didn't have the extra money for that."

Grams--"Well, she's right, so you could pray that daddy gets a different job."

Makiah--"Well, I have prayed, but apparently God's still thinking about it."

Not a long conversation, but important none the less. Her daddy is looking for a different job and we have been praying about it, and for quite awhile. While I felt all puffed up that my baby would say something so profound and thankful that even through my inadequacies she is learning spiritual life lessons--lessons she will need when she faces things in the future. I was also humbled that my baby was reminding me of a few things.

While most adults would just be frustrated, angry or confused by now (which in all transparency is me sometimes), my seven year old decided that God was still thinking about it. What a fascinating way to look at our situation--not that God has failed, or isn't listening, just that he is thinking and pondering and finding Hubs the perfect job or the perfect solution.

I wonder how many times we write God off, angry that he isn't doing things as fast as we would like?? If we were honest with ourselves we don't trust God in the long term. We end up trying to fix it the best way we know how and usually we are dead wrong.

We typically have no problem encouraging others who have been waiting a long time for an answer, telling them that we are still praying for them and to hang in there. But when it comes to ourselves, we have God on a time table and He had better work within that time frame or we take our toys and go home!

I am learning (still learning, I should say) that God does things for my family's best interest in the best time frame. I have seen God do it so many times, but for some reason I still need to be reminded.

I have to trust that when I don't see my prayers being answered, that God is working where I can't see.

Or that He is pondering over my situation.

Either way, isn't it awesome that God in His infinite power and wisdom is pondering over us, over us!



foreverfoldinglaundry said...

We had a similar "God is still thinking about it" time here recently. So glad He's in charge!

Mrs Lemon said...

So true!

Mainly a midwife said...

That is so true. My mom always told me that God's answers were yes, no and wait a while. Sometimes it's hard to wait a while.