Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Comic Relief

Living with children will totally change your every day life.

Things that were never noticed before are noticed, usually at very inconvenient times, and they are usually turned in something funny within the mind of a child.

For instance Makiah was taking a bath the other day (she's only showering right now because of the surgery) at Grandma's, a favorite past time. My girl would take a bath at Home Depot if they had water. She loves a good bath. This is what pearl of wisdom she handed down that day.

Makiah: (passes gas in the water, bubbles are created) Ha ha ha, that's funny. I made bubbles. They tickle. (passes gas again, she turns around to see them) Ha ha ha, you can see 'em and smell 'em.

Such a lady of grace. Obviously her wisdom only comes in spurts. Or it was drowned out by all the water she was sloshing around in.

Samuel is always good for some comic relief, and most days I need comic relief.

This morning, as I was attempting to get the drama queen to finish her math and talking with Grams who called to check on us, I look over to find my forty-one pound, three and a half foot tall, two year old sitting in Daniel's infant car seat. Here's our conversation:

Mama: (talking on the phone with Grams)

Samuel: "Mama (from the car seat), hold it down, I tryin' to lax (relax)."

Mama: (Laughter) "Sam you are a mess, what are you doing?"

Samuel: "I resting. Doin' my Bible study. I doin' my stuffs."

Mama: "Really?"

Samuel: "Yeah, I rockin' (rocking the carseat) and laxin'. Doin' my stuffs."

Helping with lunch:

Samuel: "Mama, I help cook, okay? I gots a fork. Now, where's a knife?"

Makiah: "There in here. Let's help."

Mama: Noooo, I don't think so."

Samuel: "Ahh, man."

Makiah: "We won't use a sharp one, just the butter kind"

Mama: Thinks to herself, is she a future lawyer? I don't know its a close run between drama queen actress or arguing lawyer. "Please go wait, I'll do the cooking. Thanks anyway."

So words of wisdom for today:

Stop and smell the bubbles coming from the tub and always remember to rock, lax and do stuffs. Keep the knives locked up. Life is short.


foreverfoldinglaundry said...

He's "doin' his stuffs". I love it!! Those are hilarious!!

Cara said...

You know who that sounds like :) Linton Jr.

So made my day, glad to hear Makiah is feeling better